Complete rethinking of the overall user experience and the checkout process. Goal is better KPIs through optimization.


    Options to choose from, not only to make your website look beautiful and modern but to make sure it looks good on mobile. If you’re not on mobile you’re not out there.


    Interactive work alongside your team. We work in agile sprints, where you can always get deliverables and a clear look into how work is moving forward. We round it all up with complex and detailed monthly reports.


    True power of the store can only be harvested by connecting it to an ERP. Only when you know what is going on the inside through analytics you can start building momentum to move forward.

    Big change is never easy. Many times it seems too much of a move. However we learned that if we don’t periodically revise our process and tools, we fall behind.
    Its never the right time but perhaps the time is now.

    Let us get you a new set of wheels  to get your company closer to its goals. Powerful tools in a brand new design, aligned with our e-commerce experience to improve our customers bottom line.

    Still not sure? A bunch of happy bees in the Mage Hive are ready to take your call and discuss it further with you!

    Websites are a live ecosystem with many specific needs. If one of them is out of alignment it can hurt your bottom line. Here is a chart of how we see a healthy website on the market today.

    • Speed
    • Security
    • Responsiveness
    • UX Design
    • SEO